3 Reasons You Should Punch Diet Culture in the face in 2018

It's that time of year again, the clock hits midnight and all of the sudden you're meant to have life changing goals and simultaneously have a plan to drop 20 pounds. If that doesn’t give you anxiety I don’t know what does! As I scroll through various Instagram feeds I read messages from women to other women saying “just took my before picture.” Meaning at the end of the month or two months they will have an after picture of themselves having shed all of that “2017 weight” . Messages selling diet plans and workout plans on how to shed that “holiday weight” and become a whole new you for the New Year! As if the “who” you are right now isn’t good enough.  Well, what if this year you did it differently.  What if you  decided to  just wholly accept yourself? To not kill yourself with workouts and rigid diet plans, but instead go easy on yourself. To choose health and wellness out of self love, not shame . I made my own list of 3 reasons why YOU SHOULD PUNCH DIET CULTURE IN THE FACE IN 2018.


 I know you’ve been sold this idea that when you finally look like the "picture perfect" version of yourself, you are  all of a sudden going to be this confident and self loving person, but it doest work like that!! Putting the pressure on yourself to be rigid and shame your body until it drops the pounds will only lead you to feeling insecure and never good enough. You will just be putting yourself back on the hamster wheel for another year of diets , binging in between, followed by shame and self hate when you do. And if you do magically loose some weight, you will just be anxiously awaiting for the weight to come back on. Leading you back into the vicious cycle of nothing ever being good enough.


Society is! The diet market literally profits off of your insecurities. They bank on you looking at over photoshopped images of size 2 women, so that even when a healthy (any sized) women looks at the image, they are left feeling  less than. That's the way media and diet culture is set up, because they want your money! Stop giving it to them. Give them the middle finger and radically accept yourself as you are. Im not saying don’t eat healthy or don’t workout, but do it all in moderation ,and do it because you LOVE YOUR BODY. Not because you hate it, want to change it , or shame it into being something it will never be. Your body is beautiful and wonderful and it is your home. Treat it with the kindness and love it deserves. And then all of that extra money you are not giving to diet culture, spend if on yourself! I suggest you go buy a bikini for the body you have in this very moment, and ROCK IT!!! Liberate your body, your mind, your soul by doing things differently !!!


“Dieting” itself can be used as a term to mask restricting and eating disordered behavior. Believe me, I’ve done it, time and time again knowing very well all I was doing was masking my own eating disorder, and lack of self love. Nothing will ever be good enough with this kind of behavior, and from here you are left feeling anxious, with low self-esteem, and back on the cycle of disordered eating for years to come. Which takes a toll on our mental well being year after year, decade after decade. The good news is when you are sick and tired of this feeling, YOU hold the power to stop this cycle ! Women of all shapes and sizes participate in this diet culture, but what you are not being told is that it is eating away at precious time that could be spent on loving yourself , being present with your friends and family and so on .  We are not put on this planet to set goals of losing weight every month or to hate our bodies, that just takes us further away from truly loving ourselves. Which is what we are put here to do. Taking care of our mental well being far surpasses any number on the scale. Choosing to love ourselves, and those around us, thats what we should be getting on board with.

So this year, just say NO to diet culture. Workout because you love your body, eat healthy because you love your body! Also , if you want more holiday cookies, eat those too!! Take away the rigidity behind food and workouts. Slow down and listen to your body. Write out a list of things you love about your body right now, and then look in the mirror and tell yourself those things!

Body ActivismBo Stanley