Workout because you LOVE your body

Working out, taking care of your body, and self love. These things are accessible for everyone! Forget the idea in your head of what you "should" look like or some photo your are striving to mirror. Workout because you LOVE your body, and honor it for its strength and power exactly where it is at in this VERY moment! Adding more strength, and empowerment, those things will just continue to build as you start your self love journey, but if you don't set the intention of self love in the beginning, those things won't happen and you will be stuck in a vicious cycle of never feeling enough. Believe me , I've been there and tried it, and until I made the decision to love myself exactly where I was at, I kept falling short.

Forget the fancy gym memberships and fitness expenses ect. I am going to show you each week a new workout, or self care routine that is totally free and accessible if you have a beach nearby , a park, or even just the street right in front of you.  Todays beach workout didn't need any fancy weights or instructors.

I did this circuit 10 times through with each rep of arms, squats, push ups-10 times. YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR OWN REP NUMBER! No pressure to do more than you are capable of at this moment. I always add sprints for cardio to get my heart rate up in between sets. Start small, just do one set! Then build your sets up as the days, weeks, months go on. Don't make it too complicated, or put too much pressure on yourself. Have fun with it, listen to your favorite music and just move your body! Fitness and health are two huge factors that are part of my self love and self care routines, and I want to share them all with you! Try this one with me!