Body Love Workout-Cardio burn

This weeks #bodyloveworkout is a quick cardio burn you can do anywhere! In your backyard, an open field, a hotel room, heck even your OWN room.  My motto on workouts is that they don't have to be expensive or inaccessible. This jumprope was $6.99 and the medicine ball you can buy for under $10.

Don't feel pressure to do as many reps as I have listed or as much weight as I use. Starting small and working your way up is the approach to ALL workouts. The amazing part is doing the same workouts throughout the weeks and watching yourself get stronger and more capable.

Here is a quick rundown of my reps and weights .

Jumprope- One minute on. Rotate between two legged jumping, to rotating each leg separately. As you get better you can start practice your "double unders" and add those into the mix. I am still working on mine! They aren't perfect as my body could be a little straighter, but its a really fun goal to work on them and get better and better! Practice them with me ! :)

  • 10 Side lunge Squats holding 10 lb weight- It can be a medicine ball, a weight, a rock, or nothing at all at first. Feel free to start with no weight and build your weight up.

  • 30 Medicine ball toe taps - Feel free to start with a less amount and build your way up !

  • 10 Hip rotations- Once again feel free to start with even 2 and build up!

Today I did this 8 times through and was definitely feeling the burn ! Do it as many times through until you are sweating and feel like you have  raised your heart rate :)