Diversity; fitting the mold

I'm not quite considered "plus sized" and I'm not quite considered "straight sized" . I'm somewhere in the middle. I don't embody your typical athlete or surfer you see in the ads but I am just as physically capable, I just so happen to be a bigger size. This is MY natural frame, I am healthy and strong and I won't change my body to please anyone or to fit a mold. I have been bigger , and I booked more "plus size" jobs, but I was unhappy and felt uncomfortable in my skin. Also, I was not able to perform at my peak athletic ability. My own personal body type was not meant to be a size 14/16. So I made the change to get back to my healthy weight. However, along the way, I lost clients that did not want to use me at my healthy size. I understand, advertising is a business, and I am not the product needed anymore for that market. But when are companies going to start using models at every size, and promote every version of healthy? My healthy size is a size 8/10, others a size 2 and others a size 16. WE ARE ALL BUILT DIFFERENTLY! At times this can be hard, as diversity is only beginning to be shown amongst advertising, so I struggle knowing I don't fit any mold. Rather I am my own mold, and I can only be patient as I wait for more brands to catch on to using all sizes of models all the time. Not some one time deal, but ALL the time. In every sport, in every ad. I struggle knowing that I am equally as athletically capable, but this has been my mission since I began competitive surfing, and I know there is a long road ahead of me. I have never fit anyones mold of beauty, but that is a beautiful and relatable thing to so many women and athletes. I continue to train hard, surf bigger waves, and push myself to my peak performance ability. I will not let any one else beauty idea of an athlete define my own capabilities. I am committed to promoting athleticism and health at ALL sizes. How awesome would it be if at some point in this lifetime, we could all flip through athletic and beauty magazines and see a body that we can ALL relate to. DIVERSITY; from the smallest to the biggest we are all equally beautifully and capable.