So many of us women get stuck in the un healthy cycle of using exercise and moving our bodies strictly as a tool to lose weight. And for some, exercise is a daunting task that many of us feel too insecure, tired, overwhelmed and so on to start. I get it! But what if we shifted our focus and began to see moving our bodies as simply a way to say "I LOVE YOU BODY and I want to do all I can to keep you grounded, stretched out, and strong."

Taking care of our bodies doesn't mean losing weight . It means treating it with the heath and love it deserves and going easy on yourself. Your body hears your thoughts, so be gentle and kind to yourself. Healthy comes in many shapes and sizes! You do not have to have a certain body type to start yoga, to run, to swim, to surf or whatever it is you want to start doing! I don't have the typical body type you see in the magazines for any of that stuff but that doesn't stop me from being just as capable or strong, and it shouldn't stop you either! If I can, YOU can too! :)

If you are feeling overwhelmed to begin the process of exercising or starting a new activity, just start small.Turn on your favorite music and just go. Use your living room floor, bedroom , backyard or whatever you want and just begin to stretch. Clearly I do it anywhere because even kids playing football next door wont stop me from doing my afternoon stretch where I want to!! lol

Move through some gentle flows, like parts of the above, and feel the energy slowly moving through your body. It doesn't have to be vigorous , just move and your body and mind will reward you every time by releasing those healthy endorphins that leave us feeling more grounded, calm, less aches and pains and relaxed.