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July 14, 2016


Surfer Bo Stanley has been using her social media platform to share messages of body love since she stepped into the world of curve modelling a few years ago. And her positive messages clearly resonate – she’s got more than 46K Instagram followers as this article goes to publish.

One look at her IG feed and you will notice that the curvylicious Cali dream girl isn't shy about stripping down to a bikini in a bid to inspire other women to embrace their figures - and it's an important message. When was the last time a major surf brand used a more buxom girl to sling swimwear to women? NEVER *cough* EVER *cough* And interestingly, plenty-o-girls who ain't a size 0 surf. 

Anyway, in true athletic style, even though she spends most of her days in little more than flesh flashing swimwear, Bo’s ideas about health seem to circle around her body’s strength, speed and agility, rather than its size. 

Here Bo chats with Project WomanKIND about body image and how her passion for surfing has helped her appreciate her killer physique...


Body as strong as my goals . Be your own type of healthy, set your own fitness goals. We come in all shapes and sizes 💪🏼🌴✨ #athlete #surfer #curves #beyou #healthy #beautybeyondsize #iamsizesexy Top is @gooseberryintimates 😘 @jck_photography #boknows

What has your relationship with your body been like?

My relationship with my body has been a beautiful journey. Like everyone, I have insecurities I have had to work through. Everyday is a new day to recommit to loving, honouring, and taking care of my body. It has taken time and a lot of work, but I can honestly say I love every bit of my body today. 

What would you tell you teenage self?

I would tell my teenage self that one day, your beautiful curves that you are fighting so hard against, are going to be one of your best assets. 


Comin' to steal yo wave 💁🌊

What do you do on the days you don’t feel as confident?

I usually find that jumping in the ocean can change my whole day. It gives me a moment to take a step back, live in the moment and gain perspective on things I should be thankful for. I am healthy, alive and living in a world where I have freedom and opportunity. 

What are your words to love by?

My mantra is “JUST KEEP GOING”. Life can be rocky and there are many ups and downs, but if you just keep going there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Share that light and share that love in moments where others need uplifting as well. 


NO retouching- don't mind the sunburn☀️ Growing up I was always self conscious about my back in a bikini with my wider frame and "back roll" that would (does) come and go when I move my body. The image I was shown of what my back and body "should" look like as an athlete or model was long, lean, cut, and definitely had NO back rolls! ( I mean you couldnt possible be a good athlete with a back roll!!! 😳😂) Before I learned to love my body, these were issues for me, and I know many other women can relate➡️➡️➡️Constant reinforcement of the so called "perfect woman" in the media directly impacts girls' self esteem and body image which carries into adulthood. Instead of feeding young women images and articles on how to change their bodies and how to be the right kind of sexy, etc, why don't we send a message that says: HEY girl, you are so strong and so beautiful just as you are✨✨Learn to love your body just as it is, focus on being strong, and empower yourself. You don't have to change ANYTHING to rock that bikini or embody your own version of beauty and strength 💞✨☀️💪🏼 #health #curves #myswimbody #athlete #iamsizesexy #strongisbeautiful #diversity #aeriel #bodylove ✨✨✨PS thank you for all the love!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼😚😚

What’s something you do that makes you feel empowered?

Surfing has always been my outlet to forget about the exterior and focus on how strong and capable my body is, at any weight or size. 

What women do you admire?

I admire my mother. She has been surfing for 40 years, and an athlete her whole life. Through all of her body's ups and downs – surgeries and injuries – she gets back up and keeps fighting.


Girl Squad -with room for all of you other ladies out there ☀️☀️☀️ Shoutout to these amazing athletes and women + @athleta #diversity #girlsquad #allbodiesarebeautiful #athletes

What Bo reads…

What are you reading at the moment? 

I love any books that can teach me to better myself, mentally or physically. Ronda Rousey’s book “My fight, Your Fight” is extremely motivating and inspirational. A great read for every female and athlete.