What Happens When You Love Your Body?

I didn't always love my body. From the time I was old enough to realize that I did not have the petite "cookie cutter" body I saw in all of the magazines, was the time I thought I was flawed and different. I was born strong and sturdy, and until I learned THAT was my strength, I fell short many times in my life.

Growing up in the surfing industry I was told continuesly to lose weight so I could fit the sample size 4 and therefore I could model for the brands. I stopped focusing on my love for the sport and more on the size of my body. I was unfulfilled, and fighting against a body type that was not made to be a size 4, or 6 or rarely an 8 for that matter. My body physically would not go smaller than a size 8, which I might add is still considered "plus size" by industry standards. It was not until I realized I had lost my love for my sport that I knew things had to change. I chose my health and what made me happy over the size of my bikini.  I stopped fighting what I was not meant to be, and began focusing on being the strongest and healthiest version of myself so that I could surf strong, workout strong and be strong. I chose to love myself, and that is where I realized that when you choose to love yourself, it means you have chosen to take care of yourself.

 My whole life changed, and doors began to open up to me. Healthy doors, where my body was accepted and my athleticism was praised. It opened up a chapter and ultimately my life purpose, where I wanted to share my story, and help other women to love and accept the natural bodies they have been given. 

I want female athletes to be accepted at their healthy weights, given equal opportunity, and for the media to start showing bodies at all sizes of healthy. Not just the extremes, a size 2 or a 16.  We are all created differently, genetically our bodies cannot change to a certain point, and therefor health will look different on every body. The more the media promotes health over a size, the greater the chances that women will love and take care of their bodies. Higher self-esteem, self-love, less depression, anxiety, eating disorders, drug use, the list goes on. Help me fight the good fight so our daughters and our daughters daughters, are born into a world of self love , health, and strength. When WE learn to love our bodies, its a chain reaction to every woman in your life around you, from there we build an army. Its one woman at a time.