Plus size? Straight Size? MY size. YOUR size.

Plus size? Straight size? MY size, YOUR size. Body positive means empowering women of ALL sizes!! I want to empower women to be the strongest and healthiest version of themselves, not ask them to fit into some box. I represent ALL women who have ever felt like they were not good enough, not skinny enough, curvy enough, pretty enough. The list goes on. We ARE enough, and although the media would like to continue to manipulate you into thinking you need to be more or less of this or that, I am here to tell you that the only thing you need to do is focus on is being the best version of yourself. Whatever size category you may fall into, however tall/short you are, whatever color, version of " pretty", YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

The media likes to put women into categories, either you are considered “straight” size (0-6) or you are “plus” size. WELL , then what happens to the rest of us that fall in between? So many of us DO fall in between. Why is there not more representation of all sizes in the media? I will say this has been a great year for the body positivity movement and “diversity” within the media. However , this particular movement is meant to bring us together as women and empower us as women. By not representing all women and by continuing to ask us to fit into some constructed category, we are only worsening the segregation of our gender.

Women should be shown and told to focus on being strong and healthy. These things come in ALL shapes and sizes. Whatever body type the media shows us, that is the body that is supposed to be considered “beautiful” and a body we are shown to strive after. HOWEVER, If we represent women of all sizes, then every woman can find a body she can relate to. Women will then feel seen. And, at the end of the day as human beings, don’t we all just want to feel seen?