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Health and fitness mean feeding and treating your body with care , love and kindness. Fitness should not be used as a way to punish our bodies, rather be a tool to embrace all of its potential. To feel strong, capable, and healthy. Athletes and health come in MANY shapes and sizes.

Today I workout, because I LOVE my body, not because I am punishing my body or want to change it. After years of falling into the medias pressures of body “perfection” and trying to attain a body that was never meant to be mine, I decided my health and happiness were more important than the size of my body.

I shifted my focus on being the healthiest and strongest version of just ME. It took time and lots of personal work to realize that we are all genetically built differently, that heath and beauty come in MANY shapes and sizes. That my body could be perfect by my standards and no one elses.

When I let go of this idea, and focused on my health, I began to love to workout not to change my body, but to feel stronger and more capable. My goal when I workout is not to look like that “perfect” fit body the media tells us we should aspire to look like at any cost. Crash diets, plastic surgery, pills that make you “skinny”, over exercising; Magazine covers that read “How to Get a Flat Stomach” with the connotation that you are not desirable until you have a flat stomach, that you are not an equal athlete if you do not portray this image of zero body fat.

WHAT I KNOW NOW is that the size of your body does not determine your level of athleticism or fitness capability. I determine this. I determine that I am strong, beautiful and equal .

I am fully aware that I will never have washboard abs or legs that don’t touch, or cellulite from time to time. I find my worthiness in being strong, capable, and embracing all that makes me female. I want to empower women to find this within them as well. If you are working out for the wrong reasons, if you do not love your body-Remind yourself that your body is your home for health, love and strength. Not a place for shame, or negative self talk or to fit an unattainable image. We are diverse at our healthiest, and that is a beautiful thing. Embrace IT!

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