About Me

About Bo Stanley Professional Surfer

I am a surfer, athlete, model, and activist. My goals are to bring all sizes and types of women to the forefront of advertising, social media, and athleticism. It took me years of being rejected for my body and its athleticism, years of having magazines, television, and industry show me that my body was “wrong”, years of seeing the "right bodies" succeed where I was ignored to understand that the "right body” was ME. And the "right body" is YOU. And why are our right, strong, and capable bodies ignored, hidden, not promoted, and tossed aside as anomalies rather than the norm? My goals are to change this attitude not only in the media, in sports, in advertising, but to change this attitude for women themselves.

As a professional surfer and model, I witness on a daily basis the walls that are put in front of women. I plan to break down these walls, and show other women that those walls can come down for them as well so we can focus on athleticism, not size, and feel beautiful and worthy at our healthiest. To forget about the number on the scale and just focus on being strong, capable, self-loving, and kind to our bodies and mind.