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My Mission

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My Mission

Athletes and female surfers come in ALL shapes and sizes. Its time we start showcasing that physical capability and beauty come in diversity. 

Let's empower female athletes, surfers, and women at large to be strong, bold and confident. Not ask them to change the size of their bodies to fit an unrealistic beauty idea. Let them focus on breaking physical boundaries with their strength and determination and market them on that ideal instead. Let them be the powerhouses they were meant to be! Lets show women that heath is more important than any number on the scale or size of their bodies.

That  mental and physical health and happiness should come first and foremost. Beauty is diverse. A healthy body does not come in one size or shape, we all look differently at our healthiest. It is genetics!!! I want women to know this , EMBRACE THIS, and OWN their own unique body. Lets encourage women to empower and uplift each other and build a sisterhood backed by self-love and strength. Together we are stronger, together we can help build each other up.